Tickets for Ravnedans 2019

are available at

Your ticket can be shown through your phone, and we don't need a printed version.
There will also be a possibility to buy tickets at Ravnbar/our ticket office that will be open every day from 13.00-17:00.

We recommend everyone to download the Ticketco wallet app. You only need to add your personal data to the app, and after this you can purchase tickets easily on your phone. The tickets will be collected in the app.

You can get your festival pass HERE
The festival pass costs 500kr / 400kr and gives you a very reduced price on all our performances.
After the purchase you will receive a promo code that you can use to buy tickets to all of our performances for only 50kr.
The promo code is placed in the middle of your ticket which are sent to you by email after purchase. We realize that it can be a bit tricky to find without knowing this beforehand.

The festival pass also covers SKUM with Wigdel / Helgebostad and Pool Party at Aquarama. Get your ticket for this at the ticket office before Saturday 13 July.

The festival pass does not cover the workshop. If you are going to attend to the workshop with Sara Shelton Mann, you purchase a separate ticket for this.

There are limited tickets for several of the performances at Ravnedans. We therefore ask you to obtain the tickets in advance and as early as possible so you have guaranteed the ticket to all the performances. It is done here at
Simply search for Ravnedans and all the performances will appear


Grease is the way we are feeling 8. July 17:00 / Handeland / Liene

Grease is the way we are feeling 8. July 20:00 / Handeland / Liene

Sons of Sissy 9. July 19:00 / Simon Mayer

Don't, kiss 10. July 17:30 / Liberti and Bizjak

Sissy Bomb 10. July 19:00

Släkten 10. July 21:00

Don't, kiss 11. July 15:00 / Liberti and Bizjak

Ravnedans i Ravnedalen 11. July 19:00

PMHS2 11. July 23:30 / Agder Teaterlaboratorium

Entitled 12. July 19:00 / Stian Danielsen

Entitled 13. July 15:00 / Stian Danielsen