SKUM / Wigdel and Helgebostad (NO)

13. July 17:30
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Suitable for: Everyone!

In this year's Ravnedans LAB with the name SKUM, we will take the starting point in the modern foam party from the 90s! The technology waves will cause both bodies and foam to shudder in the unknown!

We are going to pick apart the foam party and with loving eyes explore the elements and references it consists of through free and lead improvisations. The event will be a foam party where everyone is both participating and observing to the happenings of total euphoria, play and escape of reality and beautiful images. 

We invite the whole family to join this foam party!

Through the performance LAB led by Ida Wigdel and Kristin Helgebostad,
13 performers will create SKUM.

The participants of the LAB are:

Charlott Utzig
Åsne Storli 
Rina Rosenqvist 
Dina Moen
Alma Bo 
Tora Brekke 
Vilja Kwasny
June Lysjø 
Anders Engebretsen 
Roberto Soria 
Amanda Bach 
Mari Angell-Petersen Grønnesby
Andreas Haglund
Julie Moviken

Supported by FFUK og Aquarama 

Photo: Internet

Photo: Internet

Kristin comes from Asker and has her education from the Oslo Academy of the Arts (BA in Performing Dance and MA in Choreography). Ida is from Jørpeland and has her education from KHiO (BA in dance dance) Both work as performers in other people's work, in collaboration with other choreographers and making their own work. They know each other well from the collaboration Berstad / Helgebostad / Wigdel. Their performance "Jordjenta" was shown at ImPulzTans, BBT in Oslo at Oslo International Theater Festival and selected for Ice Hot and Aerowaves 2015. "Spoiler" has toured to Rotterdam, Olomouc, and MDT Stockholm and elected to Ice Hot 2018.

Kristin has choreographed for productions at Riksteateret, Rogaland Teater and Carte Blanche National Company for Contemporary Dance. Clockist Laura Marie Rueslåtten and Kristin have together made the performances ME TOO (2015) and CHEERS (2018). ME TOO has toured inland and abroad and CHEERS won NIGHT & DAY's Oslo Prize for this year's performing arts in 2018. Several of the performers have continued to work with hand clocks and formed the band Ula Metall. As a performer, Kristin has worked with choreographers such as Ingri Fiksdal, The Line, Elle Sofe Henriksen and others.

Ida has the company Th’Line together with Kristina S. Wallace. Their latest performance "Steelo & Th'Future" will in 2019 tour to seven festivals. The company has also made the performances "Shake a Tower", "Near Far Wherever You Are", "Trynet Your" and "Meg, Meg og Meg". As a performer she has worked for Ingun Bjørnsgaard (since 2009 -), Francesco Scavetta, Ingeleiv Berstad, Ina Christel Johannesen, Sulekha Ali Omar, Stian Danielsen, Hege Haagenrud and others. Ida has worked as a choreographer at Rogaland Teater, Hålogaland Teater, Det norske teateret, Trøndelag Teater and others. Employed by Skuespiller-og Danseralliansen.