Pole med Peder (KRS/NO)


12. July 21:00
Free entrance

Peder Horgen_0198.jpg

Let’s go pole!

What’s about pole dance?
Peder Horgen tries to find out, and invites you to join a journey into the world of pole dance. Art, sport, - or sex? Poledance is entangled in gender-perspectives, -this evening we will try to share thoughts on both this and other perspectives. We have arranged some poles in the foyer and there will be live poledance!
We promise to offer bare skin, humor and struggles, - mixed with some reflections.
..and afterwards it’s time for YOU to try the pole!

Idea: Ravnedans
Consept and performance: Peder Horgen and Ingvild Refsum
Co-Producer: Kunsthavna

About Peder Horgen:
Peder Horgen is/was a dancer, which has all along been extensively engaged in organizations/institutions within the cultural sector, holding countless leading positions. He was a long-time president of the trade union for dancers, choreographers and dance teachers in Norway. Peder is today the general manager of Scenekunst Sør. His public image of political correctness, along with his total lack of previous experience with pole dance, worked as a trigger for Ravnedans to ask him carry out this idea.