Agder Teaterlaboratorium (NO)


11. July 23:50-00:20
Ravnedalen, by the stage


PMHS2 stages a young girl’s stream of consciousness a quiet night in Ravendalen, as she is considering an irreversible act. The act would force her from childhood to adulthood, and as the night passes her thoughts balance between the never-ending difficulties of adulthood and the safety of childhood. We see how the tragedy over the insufficiency of empathy develops into a celebration of fantasy, its healing power and its utopian endlessness. 

Agder Teaterlaboratorium is an annual project where Nordic artists from different backgrounds and disciplines come together as a short-term theatre collective. The artists live and work together and develop a performance in two weeks. In august 2018 the performance was Psykomindhuntingsquad. Based on this performance a new group of artists have come together and developed a new version over the same story and theme through a ten-day lab in Kristiansand. 

The text will be performed in Norwegian.

By and with: Magnus Sparsaas, Katarina Caspersen, Sebastian Biong, Ingerid Frang, Fridtjof Helle Brevig, Karla Møller Neimann, Johanna Karlsson, Eline Øverby, Stine Revheim Svellingen, Sebastian Kjær, Jonas Jacobsen, Elise Austad, Sara Steen Holvik, Thjerza Balaj, Sunniva Fliflet

Supported by: Kulturrådet, Vest-Agder Fylkeskommune, Cultiva Ekspress, Scenekunst Sør, Arendal Kommune, Aust-Agder Fylkeskommune, Frifond, DATS

Co-produced by Ravnedans