Grease is the way we are feeling
Handeland/Liene (NO)


08. July 17:00 and 20:00
Teateret, verkstedhallen
Tickets 17:00
Tickets 20:00
Suitable for: Everyone

Photo: Internet

Photo: Internet


Grease is the way we are feeling is a specialization in the musical Grease. For a long time, Marie and Morten have listened to Grease, inspired by the accordionist Pauline Oliveiro and her method Deep Listening. Deep Listening evolved under the earth in 1988, and is all about listening to everything. The method helps you to constantly perceive more, and thus also understand that listening always contains too much unknown to be fully understood. The world is big, oneself is quite small, and things are more complex than you think. Through listening, Grease has gradually opened up, come to them, and found new ways out through the body and voice.

Grease is the way we are feeling, is the fourth concert Morten and Marie have made together in their concert series The Wish Concert. The same series also contains Everyone has Regrets (2016), The organ is an extension of ours and Teigen's lungs (2017) and ZERO (2018). They often consider themselves a dance band in their Wish Concerts, as movement and choreography are key elements.

Marie Bergby Handeland and Morten Liene started working together in 2015, when they developed the work OPENINGS. Through an extensive tour activity, OPENINGS have continued to develop and become a center of their duo as new work grows from. Their work often springs from existing material made by other artists and musicians, whom they wish to celebrate. The material isn't merely chosen by want, but by a sense of ambivalence. They search for choruses that make them feel embarrassed, shameful, bashful, and enthusiastic – all at the same time. They investigate how to start loving something, or someone, for real.


Supported by the Norwegian Arts Council